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Ways to Dispose of Box Spring

Dispose of Box

Are you upgrading your bedroom furniture but are confused about how to dispose of a box spring? You are at the right place. These massive box springs take up a lot of space if you keep them in the garage or storeroom, making it important to get rid of them properly. Due to their big size and construction, disposing of a box spring is a daunting task, and finding an environmentally friendly and convenient way to dispose of it is crucial.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have an idea of how to dispose of or recycle a box spring responsibly and conveniently. They end up paying hefty charges as US states have started charging high prices for box spring disposals. Therefore, it’s crucial to know box spring disposal methods that you can adopt for easy, affordable and environment-friendly disposal. In this blog, we will discuss how to dispose of a box spring, box spring disposal tips and alternatives to ensure responsible and correct disposal.

How to Dispose of a box spring easily and efficiently?

You have decided to replace the box spring, but disposing of the old one is as important as finding the perfect new one. Here are some of the best environmentally friendly box spring disposal methods that help you declutter your space and make it free for the new one:

  • Method 1 – Box Spring Removal Services

    It is the best and most reliable mattress and box spring disposal method that you can choose to declutter your space. In this, you have two options:

    Renting a dumpster

    Renting a dumpster is one of the most popular box spring disposal methods. Based on your box spring or mattress size, you must rent a huge dumpster to transport it to the recycling site. The dumpster service provider manages the entire procedure from pickup to disposal appropriately. Such companies basically dispose of most of the unwanted items in an environmentally friendly manner just for a small fee. You don’t even have to touch the box spring; the company will send their workers to pick up the box spring, load it in the dumpster, and take it from your house.

    To do that, research local dumpster companies, compare the prices, check the reviews, and choose a reputable company. Ask the company to place the dumpster at an accessible location and schedule the pickup. Dumpster companies even pick up some additional waste if the box spring does not meet the weight limit.

    Call Your City’s local Waste Service Provider

    Regular trash collection pickup does not include picking up a bulky item like a box spring. However, most of the US cities have a bulky trash collection period in which they collect oversized items from various locations. This is the best time for mattress and box spring disposal. During that period, they can collect your box springs or mattresses and dispose of them in an eco-friendly way. To get box spring removal services, simply contact them to find out if they offer this service. Ask if it is ongoing, and when the next pickup date and time are. If the collection period is going on in your area, make sure to keep the box spring outside during the scheduled pickup period.

  • Method 2 – Break Down a Box Spring

    This is one of the best environmentally friendly box spring disposal methods, and you can recycle, reuse, or even dispose of the materials of the box spring by breaking it down. To do that you need: Cut resistant gloves, utility knife, saw, protective eyewear and other tools like pliers, screwdriver, etc. Here’s how you should break down a box spring:

      1. Start by wearing gloves and eyewear, flip the box spring upside down, and ensure you have enough space to walk around the box frame.
      2. Firstly, remove the lining with a utility knife, tear off the dust cover and expose the wood frame.
      3. Use the blade to remove the sides of the box spring, pull the top fabric, remove boards from metal springs and then break it down into smaller pieces.
      4. Throw the small components in regular trash and large pieces during the bulk collection period.


  • Method 3 – Take it to Local Landfill

    One of the most common box spring disposal methods is taking it directly to the landfill if you have the resources and time. You can simply contact the landfill service to take it off to the landfill or can drop it to the landfill yourself. If you contact landfill service, the cost of pickup and additional disposal fees charged by landfill is high. If you are going to take it directly to the landfill, you need transportation, labor, and time, as well as having to pay landfill fees. In both cases, it’s not an environmentally friendly box spring disposal method and they take up a lot of space in the landfill. Therefore, even though it is a common method, many people don’t prefer it.

Best Alternatives for Box Spring Disposal

Many of you may not want to dispose of the box spring during a bed frame upgrade due to its fine shape and condition. If you don’t want to dispose of it, there are many other alternatives for getting rid of box spring. Have a look at a few of them:

  • Box Spring Recycling

    Box spring recycling is the best way to get rid of box springs without harming the environment. The components, such as wood, metal, fiber, etc., are fully recyclable and can be dismantled and recycled. Now the question is how to recycle a box spring? Do some research and find a recycling service company that can recycle a box spring. Such recycling companies reuse the components for different purposes after recycling. For example, they can melt steel to make new parts or chip wood to use in animal bedding, etc. Moreover, there are specialized programs that can help you with box spring recycling.

  • Box Spring Donation Options

    Another one of the popular alternatives for box spring disposal is donation. If your box spring is in a good condition, you can indulge in some social activity by donating it to a charitable organization such as an NGO, nursing home, orphanage, charitable hospital, etc. To do that, contact local charities, shelters and organizations that accept and deliver such things to the right place. Besides that, you can even donate online via Freegle or Freecycle.

  • Repurpose the Box Spring

    Recycling is the first step of repurposing. Recyclable materials like wood, fabric, springs, metal, etc., can be used for crafts and home projects. For example, wood can be used in garden projects or making new furniture, springs can be repurposed as home decor, and steel can be sold as scrap. Make sure to use the right tools and protective materials like gloves and eyewear while breaking the box spring.

  • Sell the Box Spring

    If you want box spring removal services along with gaining money, this is the most suitable option for you, especially if it is in good condition. You can try finding buyers on online marketplace platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or OfferUp. Other than that, you can contact a local dealer who can help you sell it at a significant price. In this, it’s important that the box spring is in good shape without any holes, tears or stains.

Why choose S&A Container Service?

S&A Container Service has been a highly reputable dumpster rental service in the USA since 1953, with 5-star ratings and reviews. They offer a range of dumpster types and sizes according to your needs and preferences. The main reasons for choosing dumpsters for mattress and box spring disposal from S&A Container service are their well-maintained trucks and dumpsters, short delivery and pickup time, and ability to dispose of large inventory. The company offers budget-friendly services while ensuring full commitment to sustainability, making it a perfect choice for environmentally friendly box spring disposal.


Box spring recycling and disposal are really important to get rid of unwanted waste, free up the store or garage, and declutter your space. You have multiple options, from renting a dumpster to selling it off for profit. If you want to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way, the best options are renting a dumpster and recycling it with the help of a recycling company. We have discussed the best box spring recycling methods as well as alternatives for box spring disposal to help you make the right choice.


  1. What container sizes are available for rental at S&A Container Service? S&A Container Service provides containers of 6, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yards to accommodate a range of trash and waste items. For Box Spring removal services, any size above the 10-yard dumpster can work.
  2. Can I get rid of box spring with the regular trash? No, even if you break the box spring, there will be some big pieces that require proper waste disposal through a dumpster rental or bulky trash collection. Moreover, regular trash cannot involve huge pieces of waste like box springs, so this option is not possible for box spring disposal.
  3. What is the easiest way to dispose of an old box spring? The easiest and most convenient way for box spring recycling or disposal is renting a dumpster. The dumpster rental company manages everything from picking up the box spring from your house to taking it to the recycling center for eco-friendly and responsible disposal.
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